The Limit Lowdown 7.17.16

Azorea posted Jul 17, 16

Pre-Expansion Patch Coming Tuesday!

The time has come for some of the Legion changes to be put in place in preparation for the new expansion!  On Tuesday class changes and the new wardrobe system are in place, and rewards such as those that come from completing Challenge Mode Dungeons go away!  Wowhead did a great article that lists everything that's coming, everything that's going, and everything that's changing here: Pre-Patch Details


<LIMIT> Gaming House

It's official!  At the end of July, four of our guild members, MaxSoiyMalicrin, and Xyronic will be moving into a house in Madison, Wisconsin! This will allow them to share living expenses while focusing on taking their gaming and streaming to the next level. They've all been streaming more in preparation for the move, so give them a follow on Twitter (links above) to see when they go live and wish them well on their new adventure. This will certainly add a new twist to progression!

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The Limit Lowdown 7.3.16

Azorea posted Jul 2, 16

Legion Beta Updates

As Legion Beta reaches the late stages of development and tuning, more tips and tricks to go into the expansion are popping up! Our streamers XyronicSoiy, and Malicrin are streaming regularly in an effort to show YOU the fastest way to gear, the best classes to play, and other useful information going into the expansion.  I highly recommend giving them a follow on Twitch to see when they go live so you don't miss the information.  Right after tonight's Main Raid, Soiy will be giving away a LEGION BETA KEY in his stream, so you'll definitely want to tune in for that! 

As we become aware of other things you can do to prepare for Legion Achievements etc, keep an eye on our Twitter for quick tips.  For example, those who wish to pursue the "Fabulous" title can do so on day 1 of the new expansion, and we've got you covered with shirt vendors to help you reach the goal! We'll post more helpful hints as we come across them.

Finally, we do have several Legion Beta keys that we'll be giving out over the next week via our Twitter, Facebook and streams, so keep your eyes peeled if you're still hoping for a chance to get in!


With Patch 7.0 expected in late July, the Grove Warden mount from Heroic Archimonde is about to become extinct!  Luckily, Monday night #FriendshipMoose hosted by Xyronic and Azorea have you covered.  Come join us live on stream for your chance to get the mount at no cost!  We will not be running this Monday (July 4th) because of the Holiday, but will be running every Monday & Thursday until it goes away. We're also working on some more Saturday runs to help those who can't make it on week nights! For questions regarding this, you can join the Horde #FriendshipMoose Discord HERE

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The Limit Lowdown 6.19.16

Azorea posted Jun 19, 16

Here's what caught our attention recently:

Legion 7.0 Patch PTR Realms

Earlier this week, Legion Beta realms went down for 24 hours as Blizzard put up the Demon Invasion Test realms and the PTR went up.  Thousands of people swarmed to the PTR to see first hand what those in Beta have been experiencing as far as class changes, the new wardrobe system, etc.  Every day that goes by, we're just one step closer to Legion!  August 30th can't get here fast enough!

Community Roundup

  • Xyronic and Azorea were mentioned in this week's World of Warcraft Community Spotlight for contributions to the #FriendshipMoose cause.  You can read the full article here .
  • WoWHead did a great article on what pets, mounts, and achievements go away with 7.0,  It's a great way to make a To-Do list for pre-Legion! If you're someone trying to come up with ways to fill your time until the pre-patch hits, check the article out here .
  • The Blizzard Dev Q&A series will return this Thursday, June 23rd on Twitch .  This week's chat will have to do with Legion Professions, so make sure you tune in at 11AM EST for the details, and you can submit questions to them on Twitter using #LegionQA

Streamer Spotlight: Malicrin

Malicrin is one of the newer members of our team, having joined shortly after Mythic Hellfire Citadel progression ended.  In that time, he's proven to be a very valuable member, and incredible Disc Priest, Holy Pally, and you may even see him whip out his Arcane Mage when needed! Malicrin usually streams main raid, his Alliance alt raid, and a variety of other WoW activities.  He's a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about healing in general or the classes he plays specifically.  Follow him on Twitch to see when he goes live!

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The Limit Lowdown 6.5.16

Azorea posted Jun 5, 16

If you've been following along since I started this series, you'll notice that it's gone from a weekly post to a bi-weekly post.  For the time being, until the pre-patch event comes, there aren't enough guild-related news events to warrant a weekly post, so look for the frequency to pick back up in late July!  

Here's what caught our attention since the last post:

Beta Leveling

The Beta is now in full swing, with hundreds of new players entering the pool thanks to an invite wave plus Beta key giveaways. With the new flexible leveling system, allowing a player to choose which zone the are leveling in every step along the way, it had us wondering... Whether you are currently in the Beta or have been watching streams, which zone do you plan to level in first?  The results were pretty surprising to a lot of people!  Not only were they pretty evenly broken up (good news for developers hoping to avoid overcrowding at launch), but I was surprised to see the zones that most of my friends and I would personally pick LAST to come out on top!  Here's the full breakdown of the results:

Streamer Spotlight: Soiy

Our resident badass Warrior Soiy has increased the amount of time he streams in the last few weeks and has been getting quite a following of people who come to him, not only for Warrior DPS advice on live servers, but also for his leveling and game play in the Legion Beta as he fleshes out the best talents and optimizes DPS.  In addition to his Warrior, he's been working on a Death Knight as well!  Be sure to give him a follow at to get notified when he goes live!  If you're lucky, his pup Sophie might even make an appearance!

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The Limit Lowdown 5.22.16

Azorea posted May 22, 16

This is what caught our attention this week!

Out with Alpha and in with Beta!

Last Thursday, the Beta version of Legion was released, and many more people were given access to test the new content.  Players are grinding their way to 110 and are anxious to get their feet wet with the new dungeon and raid content.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on some Beta keys that we will be giving away across multiple channels, and on Saturday, @Mierandawow was the first to win a key and has been having fun exploring the new zones. You'll want to keep an eye on our Twitter for more upcoming opportunities to score one for yourself!

The Prodigal Max Has Returned

After deciding to leave the game a couple months ago, Max has returned!  They say that one does not simply quit World of Warcraft, and we are happy to see that's the case here. You can see his skills tonight for main raid.  Welcome back, Max!

Streamer Spotlight: Xyronic

When the Horde #FriendshipMoose group ran into a scheduling snag with the Monday night runs, our resident pro Warlock, Xyronic took up the mantle of hosting them and will be streaming runs on Monday nights from 8-10 PM EST at If you are still in need of your Grove Warden mount and want a chance to win it for free, be sure to stop by!  In addition to streaming these moose runs, he also has some exciting giveaways planned leading up to Legion and will be streaming a lot more, so give him a follow to make sure you don't miss out!

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